Single shaft lever SMC78-1

T-pole controller provides excellent performance and reliability for video switchers, mixers and effect generators.
Using Hall-type linear sensors, low-noise analog linear output, much lower than the resistive noise.
main feature
■ Stable and precise control
■ Infinite resolution
■ No noise operation
■ structural precision
■ non-contact, long life
Uniaxial Hall joystick with a life span of more than 5 million;
 rotation angle of 0-76 degrees
 positioning: 1, do not return, resistance positioning (feel adjustable, adjustable resistance size)
            2. Not return, resistance positioning, center mechanical stalls;
            3. The spring is automatically returned.
 Signal output: linear voltage 0-5V,
Linear current 0-20MA
RS232 / RS485 / USB
     Supply voltage: DC5V / DC12V / DC24-36V
     Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
     Operating force: 0.4-0.8N adjustable

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