BL series of small size paddle single shaft joystick


APEM of the paddle-type single-axis joystick family add new members - BL series.
        Following the BH series, which was released just a few months ago, APEM reintroduces the BL series of small-scale paddle-type uniaxial joysticks with the same innovative design and smaller overall dimensions.
        The BL series, in addition to having a height of up to 48mm above the panel, further reduces the occupancy of the customer's panel area, making it possible to install a larger number of BL series on the same size panel. Suitable for a variety of agricultural machinery, remote control and various types of engineering vehicles, such as handrails and other applications.
        BL series of single-axis joystick paddle standard with a cover forming process to produce removable card sets, with excellent feel of the flexible surface, and standard with 5 different colors of the injection side for customers to choose. Innovative design, with advanced technology and materials to ensure that the product in all types of conditions can guarantee the operation of the user's comfort and smooth, accurate positioning.
        BL series of small size paddle single-axis joystick with up to IP67 grade seal protection, and through the international adoption of various types of environmental testing experiments, working life up to 10 million times.
        The main features of the product include:
Long life analogue Hall sensor and digital output
Ergonomic excellent flexible paddle
5V power supply, standard dual redundant sensor
Optional analog voltage output or PWM output
The paddle color and styling are acceptable for customization
Class Seal Protection class up to IP67
Excellent EMC shielding capability
The height above the panel is only 48mm

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