V series stainless steel keyboard


V series is a very high protective performance of the stainless steel keyboard products. Thanks to more than 20 years from the 9 series stainless steel keyboard product design, development and production of accumulated experience to ensure that the V series stainless steel keyboard to ensure the premise can be customized, still able to withstand dust, salt spray, severe friction , Corrosion and deliberate destruction of the most harsh working environment.
        Specific to the specifications, V series stainless steel keyboard with a wear-resistant chemical etching process to create button icon; the overall IK09 level can withstand the impact (at the same time accept the IK10 level of customization); life of up to 100 million times. In addition to high protection performance, V series stainless steel keyboard also has excellent design, in the provision of a variety of standard options at the same time, APEM also accept customers on-demand custom configuration, such as:
Key size and shape
Key backlighting
Button icon
Point light indicator light
Anodized color aluminum alloy keys
         High strength, excellent design and flexible configuration, so that the series is particularly suitable for the following types of applications:
Chemical, food processing and petrochemical industry
Aviation and defense equipment
Self-service equipment
Access control system
Public interactive device

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